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The Tiara Syndrome (Let it go, go, go)

When you're the Top Hat at your business, or if you are starting to put one on, and love what you do, then it's safe to say that you want every day to be your special day within your business. This is a beautiful thought, a beautiful suggestion, and also a very beautiful lie (to yourself). Why did you take off that top hat, and replace it with an invisible tiara, sparking, and self-pleasing? If you have an idea, expecting each day to be a profitable day, a stress-free day, and a full day of opportunity and promise, then entrepreneurism is not for you. There's nothing wrong with believing, but in reality, you are psyching yourself out.

This is not to deter you from having these thoughts of grandeur. There is a time and a place for them. However, reality allows somedays in your business that may not go as planned, and being "lit" , because it can't be counted out. Even when you prepare yourself for each day, it can still be very challenging. With or without your invisible tiara, by now, you should have figured all of this out. Working everyday for yourself, is a 24-7 investment into your business. It also is an investment into your customers. In the infamous words of MJ, "You are not alone." Sure, you will have days that you are so busy, and everything is bright, and profitable, and you'd probably be happy to wear your invisible tiara all day hoping the success never ends. But you can almost conclude that some days, you have to take it off, put it back in its lovey corner, and put on the hats of many that helps you fight when things go wrong. Businesses can be a big barrel of rejections, unpleasant phone calls, a mistake in product or services, and many, many more issues that may arise . It happens all the time. Having on the right hat at the right time conquers all.

Entrepreneurs do not invite these days. We wear many other hats that may not sparkle as much. If you can close your eyes and think of a few of these invisible hats, you can guess where I'm going with this. We wear hats of distinction, perserverance, visuality, a risk-taker, a generator, a builder, an innovator, a dreamer, a creator, a successor, an optimist, a wizard, an investor, a believer, a miracle worker, and so many more. Each day may be a different one, unexpectantly, or you may experience all of them.

Entrepreneurs will have tiara days. Some more than most. This is why we love what we do, and work towards everyday. We continue putting the pedal to the metal, reaching new levels, and opportunities, encouraging us to keep up the good work in growing our business, turning it into our own royalty. When we roll up our sleeves, and rip into the day, honoring one of the invisible hats that we have to put on, and focus on our intents towards what we could encounter, we will bring our expectations for the day into full bloom. It will turn into a day served up especially for you and your business, with the invisible tiara or not. So take it off! LET IT GO! You'll be able to wear it again, and again, and again, real soon!

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